Good Monday morning...

… and I am reflecting on the words that we are often greeted with by Ken at church, that we are a teaching and praying church.  These are encouraging words to me since we are an otherwise, no frills church.  Without our own building, we have become a part of the senior community at the Grand Isle where everyone is welcomed to attend our service.

The teaching part I will credit to the works of John Stott and his straight-forward Bible exposition.  Expository preaching is the kind of teaching I have been committed to for the tenure of my work at Oak Springs.  We will typically go through a book of the Bible, verse by verse.  At the completion of that book, we will begin another.  The thought behind this strategy has been that God knows what you need far better than I do, so we’ll allow Him to speak to us through His Word.

The praying part is what thrills me most about our church… because of the answered prayers.  I cannot think of anything that is more motivating to my faith than answered prayers.  When you or someone entrusts the church family with a prayer request, it is recorded and sent by email to a growing number of people who will pray.  The mystery of answered prayers remains, because there is no way we will ever fully know the power and majesty of God this side of Heaven, but we do have the wonderful experience of God’s affirming presence, healing power, and profound guidance to those who are seeking Him.

So, my encouragement to you on this Monday morning is to take time to read a devotional, the Scriptures associated with that devotional, or just read through a book of the Bible, at your own pace… and pray.  Pray for understanding as you read.  Pray for the people in your life… those close to you and those who have requested your prayer support.  Pray for each other in the church, and for those who seem opposed to the faith.

From your teaching and praying church, I say, love the people in your life and that includes the Lord Jesus Christ, who gave Himself for you and me on the cross, forgiving our sins and securing our eternity with Him by conquering death.

For His glory,

Pastor Mike